Countertop process

Natural stone and solid surface countertop process from start to finish

Through our years in the business providing natural and engineered stone countertops, designs, fabrications and installations to our clients, Stone Spirit Inc has developed comprehensive procedures for ordering, fabricating and installing finished countertops. These are instrumental to understanding your needs and accurately pricing your project. We have consolidated these numerous details together using a series of steps. This systematic procedure will assist in maintaining focus on your countertop project.

Step #1 Estimating

The following information will be required from you for our estimator to generate an accurate and complete estimate:

  • Countertop materials: These can include, but are not limited to: Granite, Engineered Stone, Marble, Travertine, Soapstone, Onyx and Slate. Please, note that we can acquire any material should we not stock it, just let us know your specific selection.
  • Thickness: Stone Spirit recommends the use of single thickness material. Slabs can be doubled up or laminated to provide an even thicker look. This will add costs and time to your project.
  • Layout drawing of countertop surface
  • Linear inches of edge profiling
  • Linear inches of polished backsplash edging
  • Linear inches of saw cuts
  • Quantity of holes to be drilled
  • Quantity of polished cutouts
  • Quantity of unpolished cutouts

Any type of customizing such as:

  • Transition tops
  • Large radius’s
  • Corbeled corners
  • Bump outs

Stone Spirit will gladly come to your home or project, measure, create a drawing and quote your countertop project for free.

Step #2 Contracting

Once the decision is made to contract Stone Spirit to work on your project, you will then confirm and authorize with your signature and date. Please, allow some time in advance for procuring all the necessary materials prior to template. We normally recommend three weeks at a minimum. Although even in the case of a late start, there should not be a problem as we are experts in handling any situation, however complicated!

Step #3 Template

In order to produce a template and the installation the following need to be complete in your home: cabinets need to be installed and the sink needs to be on location so that we may take it back to the shop and use it as a template for the sink cutout. This step is the last chance to make a change and all selections are to be confirmed. It is requested but not necessary for the home owner to be involved in the procedure.

  • Check for inconsistencies with existing cabinets
  • Hardware placement confirmation
  • Confirm overhang
  • Confirm shape
  • Template

Regardless of what method is used to determine your counter top dimensions, Stone Spirit Inc will generate a shop or CAD drawing of all orders complete with every aspect of the job. The shop drawings must be signed by the party responsible for measuring and installing your counter top.

Step #4 Fabrication

Stone Spirit utilizes state-of-the-art digital equipment including CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery and digital templating. Without these machines the fabrication process has to be done completely by hand, which leads to errors and long lead times. Our machinery utilizes water jets and is controlled by computer in order to follow the lines perfectly, guaranteeing smooth, shiny edges without any unnecessary bumps.

Edges can be built up to 2 ΒΌ inches by laminating multiple layers of stone with a two-part epoxy for maximum holding strength. Metal rods are inset into the backside of all stone cutouts to provide reinforcement to these potential problem areas.

Once all the pieces have been processed, they are sent to the custom workshop for additional detail work including notching and fitting to templates. Before the project is considered finished, a final quality check is performed. At this stage, all aspects of the job are inspected. Once a job has been approved by a shop manager, the completed project is loaded onto an A-frame and then placed on an installation truck.

The sophisticated fabrication process ensures a perfect quality of finished products.

Step #5 Installation

Stone Spirit Inc takes pride in employing a team of highly professional installers to work on job sites and carry out countertop installations. They are all trained and certified to ensure 100% quality craftsmanship.

Installation normally takes place within two to three weeks of template completion. At this stage, you still have a chance to introduce minor changes which our installation team will be pleased to discuss and execute, if at all feasible. Most installations will take one day to complete.

Our QA & QC service will make sure your project is completed to the satisfaction of both parties.