Granite Kitchen Countertops

The mission of Eugene’s Marble and Granite is to bring into our life a feeling of something real that is created by the nature itself and therefore being unsurpassed beautiful.

One of the main trends of our work is granite kitchen countertops. In Charleston SC our company has been working for already 16 years and during this time we have become a large enterprise that can suggest to builders and house owners the best granite countertops of the highest quality made on the up-to-date machinery.

Natural stone will impart a note of charm and modern ecological compatibility to any interior. But it is just in kitchens that a beautiful and hard surface is in particular demand. Kitchen desktop should be not only beautiful, but practical as well. The countertops covered with plastic plates look nice, but only in the beginning. Later, little by little water penetrates under the plastic and makes it swell, knife marks leave scratches on a smooth surface, and a carelessly left hot teapot ruins the whole picture completely.

In order not to replace your countertop every 3-4 years, you can complete the kitchen with a countertop of natural granite or stone. Today many producers use artificial stone for countertops in the kitchen sets. But undoubtedly a natural granite countertop is much more stable and durable. Such countertops can stand a great weight in case if you need to put there something heavy. But it should also be mentioned that a table itself weighs several times heavier than an ordinary one, it depends on the stone thickness. An adequately polished table can withstand any damages such as high temperature and scratches. The only thing to be controlled is the base of your countertop whether it is metal or hard wood.

Granite stone can be of various colors, therefore you can select a countertop of natural stone for any interior.