How to choose the right materials for a countertop

Eugenes Marble And Granite

A beautiful countertop is adornment of any kitchen. And it is not so important whether it is intended only for kitchen needs or it combines with a counter. By means of only shape or texture it is possible to create an absolutely inimitable style.

Kitchen countertops can be made of the following materials: laminated Medium Density Fibreboard, spliced board, stainless steel, natural stones, hardened glass and compacted ceramic dust.

Recently Corian, a high-tech artificial material, has become very popular. It is made based on acrylic resin with addition of mineral filler and pigment which imparts colour to the finished product. This material is really durable as well as chemical resistant and absolutely nontoxic.

Countertops of natural stone, marble or granite are very beautiful, have unique inimitable texture. But their weight is rather great, so such ‘a huge thing’ is to be installed onto specially strengthened structures. Besides such a countertop readily splits.

Angular countertops have a minor pecularity in their design. To protect from deformation and to impart more strength the connecting seams are fastened with special braces.

In addition to the above menthioned materials some synthetic and artificial stones are used for countertops.

Granite is very strong and wear-resistant and also produces an excellent effect. Travertine and marble are fire-resistant, however because of their porous structure it is difficult to remove stains from wine and fat.

Syntetic stones (Corian, Aksilan, Vaikor) are valuable replacement of natural materials. They are not a bit inferior to granite or marble in respect of practicalness. And owing to their artificial nature such countertops are lighter in weight and more stable.