Marble and Granite Countertops Gallery

Granite Countertops style is one of important type of kitchen because it’s comfortable and beautiful. Just look at out lasts projects. Please contact our office here to get a new granite or marble countertops from Eugenes Marble and Granite.

We are providing a full service for Free Granite and Marble Countertops estimate for our customers.

Natural granite by Eugenes Marble and Granite Countertops is a perfect solution for any working space. A granite kitchen, bathroom, office or bar countertop will serve as a solid and handy surface. Granite is highly resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures as well as all kinds of dirt and contaminants. None of other natural finishing materials can boast such a rich palette of colors and shades like natural granite.

Eugenes Marble and Granite Countertops is offering eco-friendly and absolutely safe granite countertops which technical characteristics such as hardness, rigidity and wearing life are beyond compare, thus providing the best possible result of use. Granite’s capability to fit into various forms elevates the kitchen aesthetics and makes granite countertops by Eugenes Marble and Granite Countertop versatile and broad-based. A wide range of colors and surface finishes allows choosing a natural mineral picked out of the best granite materials offered on the market.