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How to Select a Color Scheme

1. Pick out 2 complementing primary colors

Working with 2 colors will give you more opportunities if you choose to update your kitchen as styles change overtime.

2. Select an accent color

This will bring the whole space together and add some character. Your color choice will depend on what style or feel you are going for.

For example, if you are wanting a relaxed, beachy feel, most people choose the colors white, blue, and beige/brown. A beautiful quartzite or marble with hints of blue will work well for this coastal kitchen look! Try blue cabinets to boost this look.

Or, instead of blue cabinets, you can choose to do sparkling blue tile.

For an ultra-modern look, people may choose all white cabinets, a white quartz with mild grey veining, and stainless steel appliances. The goal is to achieve a bright, light looking space.

To make things look more edgy and sleek, add black bar stool chairs.

For a more traditional feel, one may opt for brown wooden cabinets and a medium toned granite. Stick to warm tones and softer contrasts. However, for a more modern traditional feel, go with white cabinets and a dark granite.

You can’t go wrong with any of these looks — it all depends on your preference. Happy choosing!

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