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1. It’s Timeless

Granite has always been popular, and it’ll likely stay that way. Its affordable, beautiful, practical, durable, and unique. No two stones are alike, there are many color options, and there is a range of different prices. Everyone will find something that works for them.

2. It’s Durable

Your prospective buyers will appreciate something they won’t have to replace any time soon! Granite far passes the durability of laminate and butcher block. Granite is one of the hardest rocks on Earth and can last a lifetime. Plus, it’s not as sensitive to household cleaners as other stone.

3. High Return on Investment

Any realtor or interior designer will tell you — kitchens sell homes. A modern kitchen is something everyone wants and will chose one home over the other if it has a nicer kitchen. Kitchen renovations don’t cost a fortune — its very possible to improve your kitchen countertops for just $2,000 which will in turn, bring you money well over that amount.

4. Low Maintenance

Granite is easier to upkeep than marble or quartzite. It’s harder to scratch and stain — therefore less likely to have to repair. Plus you won’t have to seal your stone as often.

5. Friendly to the Environment

Because granite is a natural stone, no harmful chemicals are used during manufacturing like other countertop options. Safe not only for the environment, but also for people!

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