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Eugene. your kitchens look so luxurious, I feel like...
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It me seems that marmoreal cithens will be very popular soon. They look....
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Eugene’s Marble and Granite of Charleston

Home décor, it’s where you always like to combine comfort and utility to give yourself a desired relaxation and handiness. No matter what lifestyle you live, kitchen is the place where you spend much of your time at home. You get to the kitchen to cook food, drink tea or coffee and it is an ideal family and friend gathering venue. Therefore, the kitchen design should bring together different approaches, primarily, convenience and beauty. The best way to achieve this is to use natural stone countertops such as marble and granite in your kitchen finishes.

Granite countertops will give you decades of impeccable service while maintaining an elegant look that will never lose its attractiveness. Such advantages are due to natural properties inherent in the granite. Granite, like quartz, is one of the hardest substances on earth. It is a rock with 10 to 50 percent quartz in it. Therefore, granite tops will basically last forever. It will not scratch if used as a cutting surface nor discolor if hot pans are placed on it. In addition to its long life, granite’s durability, impermeability to water and high temperature resistance make it an essential component of any kitchen surrounds. Granite’s extreme durability makes it a better option than marble when it comes to the final selection of finish materials. Due to its watertight properties granite is a popular choice for those who plan to upgrade/renovate their bathroom and adds naturally elegant look to the interior.

We are totally professional in marketing and handling granite and natural stone countertops. This is confirmed by years of speckless service to our customers and by the large number of completed projects. Whenever choosing solutions for your home finish, please, do not hesitate to contact us.