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9 Reasons to Replace Your Charleston Countertops


Granite countertops have been popular in Charleston kitchens and bathrooms for many years, known for their elegance and durability. The natural stone surface provides an upscale, timeless look that has appealed to Charleston homeowners.

However, granite is one of many high-end options on the market. Homeowners remodeling or upgrading their homes have options like quartz, marble, recycled glass, and concrete countertops. These provide comparable or improved scratch resistance, ease of maintenance, and even integrated technologies like filtered water.

Additionally, tastes are transitioning to more modern, sleek designs or eco-conscious materials. The new variations in colors, patterns, tones, and textures available go far beyond traditional granite. Homeowners can find countertops aligned with nearly any design aesthetic.

1. Upgrade to New Styles and Finishes

Replace Your Charleston Countertops sc

The Latest Countertop Trends

Quartz Countertops

Marble Countertops

Eco-Friendly Countertops

  • Made from recycled materials like glass, concrete, bamboo, and resin
  • More sustainable manufacturing than granite mining
  • Warm look of renewable bamboo or cool tones of recycled glass

Matte Finish Countertops

  • Fingerprint resistant and hides minor flaws
  • Provide a contemporary, understated look
  • Work well with industrial and modern designs

2. Breathe New Life Into Your Kitchen

Update Just the Countertops or Go For a Full Kitchen Remodel

  • Keep existing cabinetry by just swapping the countertops
  • Take on a complete kitchen overhaul by replacing cabinets, floors, and appliances along with the countertops

Choose From Hundreds of Colors, Patterns and Finishes

  • Vibrant solid colors not available with traditional granite
  • Quartz offers abstract patterns for a custom designer look
  • Matte finishes hide daily wear and tear

Entertain in Style Again

  • Never worry about wine, oil, or sauce stains again
  • Display charcuterie, hors d’oeuvres or bake desserts without damaging your counters
  • Use heat-resistant quartz or marble for more cooking flexibility

Moving to the latest modern countertop styles, you can renew your kitchen with updated colors, patterns, and textures while gaining added durability. Make your kitchen the centerpiece it deserves to be!

3. The Pros of Upgrading to New Countertop Styles and Finishes

marble countertops elegance in charleston

More Variety in Colors, Patterns and Textures

Granite is mainly limited to speckled grays and browns, while newer materials offer hundreds of color tones, from crisp whites to bold oranges. Go monochromatic or create striking color contrasts.

Dramatic Styling is Not Possible with Granite

Materials like recycled glass, concrete, or quartz offer smooth gradients, intricate patterns with veining or mica flakes, and even embedded metallic accents not found in natural stone. Make a design statement.

Matte Finishes Hide Day-to-Day Wear and Tear

Fingerprints, minor scratches, and water spots blend away on matte countertops instead of showing prominently as they do on granite’s gloss sheen. Matte quartz or concrete maintains its like-new appearance longer.

4. Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Materials Available

Recycled glass, bamboo, and concrete blends utilize renewable resources, reduce waste, use less energy to manufacture, and require fewer maintenance chemicals over their lifetime versus traditional granite.

Consistency Not Found in Granite’s Natural Patterning

While natural stone has inherent flaws and irregularities, engineered materials like quartz have uniform patterning for a more consistent visual flow, especially for larger surface expanses.

Improved Scratch and Stain Resistance

Nearly Scratchproof Materials Like Quartz

  • Quartz counters from engineered stone resist scratches, cuts, and scorch marks.
  • Dense surface with durability exceeding traditional granite
  • Maintains flawless look much longer than granite
  • Resilience allows quartz to be used outdoors in some cases

Superior Countertop Sealants

  • New sealants like ten-year water-based epoxy coatings provide lasting protection.
  • Nano-sealants bind to material at the molecular level for maximum stain prevention.
  • Enhanced UV protection maintains color integrity
  • Antimicrobial additives inhibit 99% of bacteria growth

5. Keep Your Countertops Looking New for Over a Decade

  • Quartz preserves its original polish and coloration for 12-15 years
  • Properly sealed marble resists etching from acidic foods
  • Matte finish hides inevitable light wear and tear
  • Built-in stain barrier repels wine, grease, and food spills from penetrating.

Pros of Improved Scratch and Stain Resistance

Engineered Quartz Resists Scratches and Cuts

  • Made from over 90% ground quartz, one of nature’s hardest minerals
  • Dense enough to withstand heavy use without showing knife marks or scratches
  • Outperforms softer natural stones like granite or marble

Permanent Stain Prevention with Nano-Sealants

  • Nano-scale sealants bond at the molecular level to form a lasting barrier
  • Repel spills before they can seep below the surface
  • Provide up to 10 years of invisible protection

Heat Resistance Exceeding Granite

  • Can withstand hot pots/pans from the stove without damage
  • It won’t crack if briefly exposed to temperatures up to 300°F
  • Added safety for avid home cooks

Antimicrobial Properties

  • Copper-infused quartz counters inhibit bacteria growth
  • Reduce the risk of foodborne illness from countertop contamination
  • A must for families with children

6. Enhanced Durability

Avoid Cracking and Chipping Issues

  • Granite can develop hairline cracks over 5-10 years from dropped objects or improper seam settling during installation. These cracks trap moisture and bacteria, leading to more significant issues.
  • Cracks allow juices and spills to seep underneath, causing stains and odors in cabinetry. Moisture then causes adjacent wood materials to warp or swell.
  • Quartz’s engineered composition makes it over 4x more flexible. It bends without cracking to withstand bumps and accidents.
  • Quartz also resists developing installation cracks between seams since it can be molded into more giant one-piece slabs.

New Countertops Are Less Damage Prone

  • Quartz rates 7 to 9 on the Mohs Scale, with diamond being the highest at 10. Granite is typically five or lower. This makes quartz nearly three times more scratch-resistant.
  • The durability comes from quartz dust combined with tough polymer resins crafted to standards unachievable with natural stone mining.
  • Flexible resins prevent chips if struck by heavy cookware. No porcelain, cast iron pan, or appliance can permanently mar or indent the surface.

7. Minimal Maintenance for Long-Lasting Performance

  • Quartz never requires sealants or waxing like granite and marble. The non-porous surface intrinsically resists moisture and staining without added treatments.
  • Simple soap and water keep quartz counters hygienic. Occasional cleaning with a granite/quartz cleaner restores the original luster.
  • The 10-15+ year lifespan means fewer expensive replacements down the road. The long-term savings make quartz a worthwhile investment.

By moving to ultra-durable modern materials like quartz, you can gain peace of mind knowing your countertops will withstand heavy daily use for over a decade without developing cracks or significant damage requiring invasive repairs. The long-term maintenance, repairs, and replacement savings make new countertops worthwhile.

The Pros of Enhanced Durability

Exceedingly Crack and chip-resistant

  • New countertops don’t suffer from chipping cracking issues plaguing granite.
  • Engineered stone has 4x the flexibility of granite, so impact forces don’t propagate damage.
  • There are no crevices where bacteria and moisture can seep, causing cabinets and walls to swell and rot over time.

Protects Against Heavy Use For Decades

  • Stands up to pots/pans, appliances, and meal prep wear and tear for over ten years!
  • Scratchproof resins and high-density stone blend shield surfaces from scuffs and cuts.
  • Flexibility of resins and bonding prevents dents or cracks from forming with heavy daily use.

Lasting, Flawless Aesthetics Maintenance

  • Modern matte finishes hide minor blemishes entirely and don’t dull or yellow over time.
  • It never requires re-sanding, polishing, or waxing to restore luster like in granite.
  • Carefully formulated manufacturing ensures resistance and longevity.

Installing the latest engineered stone options allows you to gain durable, flawless countertops for the decade+ heavy use, kids, and entertaining life dishes!

8. Increased Resale Value

Kitchen Updates Matter for Home Buyers

  • Survey data shows kitchens and bathrooms are the first areas buyers investigate
  • Outdated cabinets, floors, and counters can make them perceive the home as high-maintenance.
  • Simple countertop updates create impressions of freshness and modernity
  • Buyers associate updated kitchens with overall home pride and investment

Granite Countertops Lose Value Over Time

  • After 5-7 years, granite develops minor scratches, pits, and cracks from everyday use.
  • Stains from wine, oil, or sauces appear worn despite attempts to clean them away.
  • Dull spots and etched areas make the granite seem defective and worrisome
  • Buyers expect virtually flawless conditions, suggesting like-new quality

Newer Materials Retain Value Longer

  • Under typical use, quartz preserves its smooth, glossy perfection for over 12 years.
  • No yellowing or minor mars appear because the color runs throughout the thick slab.
  • Eco-materials like recycled glass and concrete retain vibrant colors too
  • Buyers perceive these durable, flawless counters as higher quality

Replacing Countertops Pays Off Later

  • Aim to invest 8-12% of your home’s value into kitchen remodels
  • Expect to recover 90-120% of costs from installed granite alternatives
  • Quartz marble remodels attract higher bids and faster sales
  • Even minor updates like sink/faucet upgrades boost buyer enthusiasm

The Pros of Improved Resale Value

Kitchen Updates Entice Prospective Buyers

  • Survey data proves kitchens/baths are the first areas capturing buyer interest.
  • Fresh counters signal the home is updated and cared for regularly by sellers.
  • It makes an outstanding first impression that you’ve invested back into the home.

Granite Dates Quickly, New Materials Stay Modern

  • After five years, granite appears worn – pits, scratches, and cracks accumulate.
  • Quartz and recycled materials retain flawless sheen exceeding a decade.
  • Eco-options particularly appeal to sustainable-minded millennial buyers.

Countertop Swaps Offer High Return on Investment

  • Aim to invest 8-12% of home value into kitchen upgrades.
  • Thanks to the hot demand for updated kitchens, we expect to recover 95-125% of that cost.
  • Even minor touches like new faucets boost buyer enthusiasm and sale prices.

Installing the most attractive and durable modern countertop options maximizes resale returns down the road. Home buyers pay premiums for nicely finished, contemporary kitchens with that ‘wow’ factor.

9. Filtered Drinking Water:

Built-In Water Filtration Systems

  • Brands like Silestone now offer quartz panels with built-in filters, providing homeowners with an easy upgrade.
  • Combines activated carbon filtration with UV purification to remove a wide array of contaminants
  • It is more convenient than under-sink or fridge systems since filtered water comes from the countertop tap.
  • Saves storage space by not needing large filtration pitchers or bottles

Cleaner, Safer Water On Demand

  • Filters out environmental toxins like asbestos fibers and industrial runoff sediments
  • Minimizes legally approved levels of chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, and pharmaceuticals
  • It gives water clarity and taste, approaching that of premium bottled water brands.
  • This is especially important for expecting mothers concerned about exposure and fetal development.

A Major Selling Point for Families

  • Even low levels of lead or mercury can impact childhood development, so mitigating them is critical.
  • Builder-installed filtration reassures parents that child health is considered.
  • It makes homes more competitive if both parents work and have limited time for home management.
  • The easy selling point for realtors is that these are “child-friendly,” low-maintenance homes.

The Pros of Built-In Water Filtration

Convenient Access to Purified Water

  • Select quartz and recycled glass counters with filters integrated directly into the slab.
  • Saves storage space from pitchers or installing under-sink systems.
  • Filtered water flows right from the kitchen tap – no wait time or ice requirements!

Protects Against Toxins and Contaminants

  • Multi-stage filters strip chlorine, pharmaceutical traces, asbestos fibers, and heavy metals.
  • It gives water clarity and tastes comparable to premium bottled water.
  • This is important for expecting mothers or health-focused buyers.

Peace of Mind for Prospective Parents

  • Mitigates allowable levels of lead and mercury.
  • Builders installing filtered counters show they consider child safety.
  • It makes homes stand out as low-maintenance and “child-friendly.”\
  • Reassures parents that pure water enables healthy childhood development.

Having filtered water easily accessible gives homeowners peace of mind while addressing top buyer priorities around safety and health.


Charleston homeowners have compelling reasons to replace outdated countertops. Next-generation materials like quartz, marble, and recycled glass offer superior durability, scratch resistance, and a wider diversity of colors and patterns.

Upgrading to new countertop styles allows homeowners to match current design trends and aesthetics far better than possible with bare granite. The materials also deliver extra heat tolerance and stain protection, maintaining flawless beauty for over a decade.

Finally, recent options like integrated water filtration provide added value, especially for young families. With more choices, you can feel confident finding the perfect countertops to showcase your Charleston home for years.

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