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Engineered stone


Quartz is the newest stone choice for home & business owners. It’s eco-friendly and engineered. Made with 90% natural quartz and 10% synthetic properties, quartz is on the spotlight for being the most durable countertop material. Created for your convenience, quartz is scratch & stain resistant. Plus, it’s nonporous which means you’ll never have to seal it! Use a trivet for your hot pans to protect your quartz from heat.

Scratch and stain resistant

Natural stone


Natural quartzite has an exotic, flowy, attractive look. It’s UV ray resistant which is great for outdoor projects. Because of its vivid colors and designs, quartzite is truly eye catching and would be great for any space.

Suitable for outdoor use

Natural stone


Marble is drop-dead gorgeous. During the Renaissance, the great sculptor Michelangelo carved statues out of white Carrara marble which is still in demand today. Marble’s beauty and elegance makes for a classic looking space. Perhaps a luxurious bathroom, or fireplace that perfectly reflects it’s flames. Marble is typically white with grey veining and will never go out of style.

Marble is elegant and timeless

Natural stone


Granite is a natural, tried & true stone. Its practicality and affordability makes granite an overall great choice for your project. It’s heat resistant, so no worries about setting your hot pans on it’s surface. Made by mother nature, no two slabs are exactly alike. You’ll find lots of color and pattern options with granite.

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  • Versatile and great for any space

Beautiful yet practical, granite has everything you want in

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