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7 Reasons to Replace Your Countertops in Charleston

replace countertops charleston

In Charleston, South Carolina, any homeowner will tell you that the kitchen and bathrooms are the house’s lungs. And what better way to update and give new life to these areas than by updating your countertops? There are various solid arguments and purposes to embark on the project and replace your countertops in Charleston. As Charleston homeowners, allow us to present 7 imperative explanations of why it truly is high time to opt for new countertops.

1. Outdated and Worn Out Countertops

1.1 Stained and Scratched Surfaces

Even if a countertop is exceptionally long-lasting and virtually immovable, there is always a chance that it will fade away with time, along with all the other appliances in the kitchen. Harms produced from spilling different items, charring from sharp-edged products, and several other factors lead to the degeneration of the counters’ appearances to an undesirable state, thus lowering the aesthetic value of your kitchen or bathroom.

These often used and abused surfaces can easily be replaced with new and clean, crisp-looking counters to renew the ambiance of an area. We know how it can be to experience cracks and chips on the countertop; thus, for this reason, Eugene’s Marble & Granite provides customers with the best quality marble that is not easily stained or scratched, hence giving your countertop that natural and Interview shine for many years.

1.2 Faded Colors and Patterns

Additionally, the fading of colors and patterns may be observed on countertops due to direct sunlight, heat, and moisture exposure. It is important to know how to upkeep your countertops. And this could give your previously bright countertops a drab look that tells people they are outdated. They are used as the base material for tiles and kitchen and bathroom countertops; thus, by refacing them with new modern material, you can give back some of the sparkles of kitchens and bathrooms. At Eugene’s Marble & Granite, we stock a range of fashionable countertop products such as Quartz, Granite, and Solid Surface that do not fade or discolor. We can help you select the fabric and luster best suitable for your household so that it remains colorful and has lovely prints for a long time, even if used in the kitchen.

Moreover, all our professionals selected for the team realize the significance of correct installation and sealing, which will help avoid problems such as fading and discoloration. In maintaining your newly installed counters, we adhere to the best practices that will keep them looking as good as the day they were installed, regardless of Charleston, SC’s scorching heat or high humidity.

2. Increase Your Home’s Value

2.1 Attractive Countertops are a Selling Point

You should hire Eugene’s Marble & Granite for new countertops if you intend to sell your Charleston home. The beauty that is associated with well-maintained countertops makes it an easy tool to secure customer attraction for prospective buyers. Extensive and sophisticated countertops are always noticeable, and any potential buyer in a competitive market such as Charleston’s will love what he sees. At Eugene’s Marble & Granite, buyers’ attention is drawn to beautiful countertops; therefore, we stock a wide range of premium materials, including quartz, granite, and others.

2.2 Potential Return on Investment

Something as simple as a countertop replacement project may seem costly initially, but when the homeowner sells his house, they benefit from the expense incurred. From a market perspective, it is reported that most countertop replacements can recover at least 50 percent to 80 percent of the cost when the property is sold. Therefore, when you decide to use Eugene’s Marble & Granite for your countertop replacement, you are introducing the beauty of your home, and more importantly, the value of your home might go higher. We only use high-quality materials to guarantee that our new countertops will be worth the investment when it is time to sell your home.

Additionally, the team of experienced professionals will help you choose the materials and designs of countertops that are most popular among buyers in Charleston, thus making sure that your investment meets current trends in the sphere. Guest have realized the value of getting the highest returns on their investments, and this is why we are ready to assist you as we offer you our best.

3. Improved Functionality and Durability

3.1 Low-Maintenance and Easy-to-Clean Materials

Everyone at Eugene’s Marble & Granite knows that usability and ease of upkeep are two primary components when selecting stones for counters. That is why we provide a large variety of materials considering these situations. Some of the materials, such as quartz, solid surface, and some categories of granite, are characterized by simplicity when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The low-maintenance material available with us may be informative, but we are ready to make recommendations depending on your cleaning frequency.

Further, it remains immune to stains, scratches, or other forms of wear that would lead to the suicide of your counters within the shortest period. By taking good care of the countertops installed by Eugene’s Marble & Granite, one can have an elegant outlook without deeming it unattractive due to certain infections or signs of wearing out.

3.2 Resistance to Heat, Moisture, and Scratches

Whether you are a serious home cook or love to feed your friends and family, your counters must be ready to face daily challenges. That is why at Eugene’s Marble & Granite, we provide heat, moisture, and scratch-resistant and durable materials that will last a lifetime. With these robust options, you can guarantee that your new countertops will remain valuable and beautiful, even if they undergo heavy traffic.

Thus, we can choose the most suitable material that can effectively respond to the increased load of a kitchen or a bathroom. We got you sorted from heat-resistant countertops for your cooking zone to moisture-resistant for your bathroom countertop. It also increases the general usefulness of space while making a wise investment that will guarantee long-term use of the new countertops’ aesthetic value and durability.

For this reason, at Eugene’s Marble & Granite, we boast of professional and quality work that serves the various needs of Charleston clients. The quality and durability of the product make a promise that any investment made in these new countertops will be durable in terms of aesthetics and functionality for a long time.

4. Personalize Your Living Space

4.1 Endless Design Options

Another positive aspect is the chief advantage of replacing the countertops: the possibility of choosing whatever you want. There are so many colors, designs, finishes, and material options that the Kitchen or the Bathroom could genuinely become a place that reflects the homeowner’s individuality. Know how to choose the best countertop for your home. Quartz and wood give designers various choices – from high-tech ultramodern associations to maximum warmth and natural wooden tones.

4.2 Match Your Style and Aesthetic Preferences

Hence, the selection of countertops will be suitable for creating the desired style in the house, ranging from traditional to modern. Indeed, many bloggers and designers advise choosing all the materials, shades, and kinds of finishes that would blend well with the rest of the interiors and personal aesthetic.

5. Create a Cohesive and Modern Look

5.1 Complement Your Home’s Interior Design

Whether you have recently refurbished or remodeled other parts of your house, it is almost always a great idea to crown it by replacing the countertop. Selecting the furniture with the right colors and graphics to match the interior finishing will ensure an appealing continuity of the interior design themes in the different rooms of your house. Focus can bring a desired level of appeal to your home and make everything appear neat.

5.2 Seamless Integration with Other Renovations

If there are plans to perform another remodeling within the next several years, for instance, put a new floor or paint the cabinetry, the countertop replacement will provide an opportunity to match the new extras perfectly. When you consider these undertakings simultaneously, you can attain one with the other and a contemporary outlook that will give the space a distinctly harmonious appearance.

6. Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Choices

6.1 Sustainable Materials for a Greener Home

At Eugene’s Marble & Granite, you will appreciate that we are embracing the trend of going green and promoting sustainability in home improvement activities. That’s why we boast of a variety of countertops that reflect our client’s ergonomic home interior designs and are friendly to the environment. Such selections as recycled glass, bamboo, and some kinds of quartz are kept in our list of earth-friendly options that will allow you to minimize your impact on the environment while still making the kitchen or bathroom stunningly attractive.

Choosing environmentally friendly materials is all about making the right decision, and our specialists know all the contemporary materials that suit you. This is why we boast products that are not only gorgeous but can help pave the way towards a greener Charleston and the world.

6.2 Reduced Environmental Impact

Thus, when choosing other materials for countertops in Eugene, you also help minimize the negative impact on the surrounding natural environment when buying them at Eugene’s Marble & Granite. Most of our eco-friendly countertop designs are fabricated from recycled or reclaimed materials, lowering the manufacture of new materials and reducing waste generation.

In addition, certain materials are made using energy-efficient production cycles, which has a lesser environmental impact. This way, you will be able to positively impact the environment by choosing from these compilations of eco-friendly options in home improvement.

Eugene’s Marble & Granite is a company focused on providing elegant home additions while preserving the environment for everyone in the future. We have a professional staff that will gladly help you make the right choice of representatives for the green area with a beautiful view that is also important to you as a person.

7. Safety and Hygiene Considerations

how to clean countertops

7.1 Nonporous and Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

When it comes to hygiene, people are more conscious when conducting their activities, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom, and choosing the suitable countertop material plays a crucial role. Quartz and solid surfaces, for instance, are rugged materials that are not prone to bacterial growth and are, hence, not easily contaminated. These materials are also easy to clean and do not complicate your cleaning schedule, making it easy to have a clean home.

7.2 Avoid Bacterial Growth and Contamination

The gap and hole bands of some natural stone countertop materials can support and nurture bacteria and other unwanted microhes. You should, therefore, avoid the use of items that bacteria and other microorganisms can easily penetrate by opting for those that are nonporous, thus reducing the high chance of bacterial growth and contamination of the environment we live in and around, therefore promoting a healthier and safer living for everyone in the family especially the young children and older adults.


Remodeling your counters and getting a new one in Charleston is one decision that comes with many advantages ranging from aesthetics to functionality and health issues. Whether it’s for enhancing the character of your home, achieving a concept and conceptually coordinated and contemporary style, or selecting green and sustainable solutions for the kitchen or the washroom, a countertop selection can dramatically turn a functional kitchen or bathroom into a visual delight. With the current availability of numerous materials, designs, and countertop styles, it becomes easy to get the best countertop that fits the user’s needs. So, why wait? Use this chance to revitalize your Charleston house and start the countertops replacement process, enhancing your living for several years.

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