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Charleston Countertops

Charleston Countertops


Countertops serve as indispensable focal points of kitchen or bathroom interiors. Not only do they offer space for meal prep and dining, but these horizontal surfaces also allow for displaying decorative items that impart a room’s character. The right countertop can, therefore, boost functionality and aesthetics within a home. Our company, Eugene’s Marble & Granite, provides Charleston clients access to the most luxurious, enduring, and on-trend countertop materials for bathrooms, kitchens, and other living areas. Our relationships with trusted manufacturers and fabricators allow us to install exquisite granite, marble, and quartz countertops that stand the test of time.

Beyond sustaining daily wear and tear, our countertops increase properties’ value. They present captivating centerpieces that enchant residents and guests. For homeowners looking to install new countertops or replace existing ones, a customized solution from Marble Tops proves well worth the investment. Read on to learn about our most popular countertop offerings and their versatile benefits.

Granite Countertops

Benefits of Granite Countertops, granite countertops charleston


Renowned as the “king of countertop materials,” granite delivers unparalleled durability and timelessness. This natural stone withstands the demands of busy households thanks to its density and hardness. Granite rates between 6 and 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it difficult to chip or etch. Its nonporous nature also prevents stains from setting in. As a result, granite requires little maintenance besides routine cleaning and occasional resealing.

No wonder granite countertops remain intact for decades, all while retaining their original polish.
Aesthetically, granite dazzles with its depth and dimension. The swirling flecks, veins, and crystals within each slab produce one-of-a-kind works of art. Granite’s varying mineral composition leads to incredible color variations. Marble Tops provides exotic options like emerald quartz, blue bahia, and red dragon granite. We also stock popular domestic granite in several finishes, ranging from matte leathered to high-gloss polished.

With endless possible patterns, granite adapts to any design vision a client requests.
Beyond elevating a home’s beauty, our granite countertops deliver ROI benefits. Real estate studies confirm that granite countertops increase a home’s worth and expedite sales. The eye-catching stone signals luxury at all price points. Additionally, granite requires no frequent replacement, meaning it withstands use by families for generations. Marble Tops sources granite from premier quarries worldwide and then fabricates each slab locally. These practices let us import uniqueness while minimizing environmental impact. For long-lasting allure that enhances market value, granite surfaces reign supreme.

Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops charleston

Whereas granite dazzles with its busyness, marble captivates through graceful simplicity. The metamorphic rock forms from compressed calcite, yielding an ultra-smooth composition. When polishing marble, craftsmen reveal mesmerizing swirls and veins traversing each slab. No two marble surfaces ever match due to the nuances of their coloring and patterns. Yet certain consistencies define the stone’s refined beauty.

Marble’s color palette evokes classic antiquity, from crisp whites to moody greys and everything in between. Tumbling and distressing processes introduce the weathered character that provides visual interest. More uniformly colored slabs project clean sophistication for contemporary builds. For those desiring bolder hues, marble also occurs naturally in greens, pinks, golds, and other shades. Whatever the dominant tone, delicate marbling and veining add natural allure.

Beyond its aesthetics, marble suits countertops in diverse settings. Polished marble withstands water and humidity, performing admirably as bathroom vanity tops. The stone also transitions flawlessly between indoor and outdoor installations. For instance, marble kitchen islands seamlessly integrate with al fresco dining areas clad in the same material. While marble rates lower on the hardness scale than granite, proper sealing and care preserve its integrity. At Marble Tops, we help clients select appropriate marble types based on their intended use.

With marble’s longstanding popularity, it evokes heritage and sophistication. Yet improved quarrying and fabrication processes keep marble relevant in contemporary spaces. For this winning combination of history and modernity, marble countertops merit consideration.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Design Aspects

Quartz combines natural beauty with engineered practicality. One of nature’s hardest minerals, quartz gets crushed and combined with resins to produce an ultra-hardy countertop material. Vibrant pigments infuse the slabs with captivating colors and patterns during fabrication. The resulting surfaces rival marble and granite in visual elegance. However, quartz edges out those materials when assessing durability.

The inherent hardness of quartz makes it virtually scratch-proof. As an engineered stone, quartz also withstands impacts, stains, burns, and chips. Quartz surfaces keep looking pristine with simple cleaning, omitting the need for regular sealing. These virtues equip quartz to thrive within active homes. Quartz also withstands exposure to moisture, performing admirably near kitchen sinks and within bathrooms. For effortless maintenance plus sophistication, quartz checks all the boxes.

From gleaming whites to dramatic dark hues, the color range of quartz proves vast. We can source vibrant solids or options with striking veins, flecks, and marbling. Matte finishes soften quartz’s sheen for a honed limestone aesthetic. Conversely, polished options dial up the sparkle. This versatility allows quartz to align with design themes from farmhouse to contemporary. Quartz also satisfies environmentally-conscious clients, as some manufacturers use recycled materials within the slabs. At “Marble Tops,” we help you actualize your vision through custom quartz surfaces.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Countertop

When designed well, a home’s surfaces tell a cohesive style story. Our granite, marble, and quartz slabs provide boundless options to define that narrative. Solid, naturally sourced granite makes rooms feel gracefully ancient. The soft veining of marble lends an elegant touch. Quartz delivers contemporary sensibilities through its vibrant hues and ultra-sleek look. Yet, no matter your preferred material, Marble Tops helps you maximize its visual impact. Our experts guide you to harmonious edge profiles, backsplashes, and accents that enhance your investment. Then, we seamlessly install and seal your surfaces, handling every detail.

Ultimately, the most suitable countertop captures your personality while meeting practical needs. Our locally quarried stones and fabricated slabs check both boxes. We know their key distinctions and ideal applications. Feel welcome to visit our extensive gallery showcasing finished installations. Our customer service team gladly answers questions on performance, pricing, and design. And we work diligently to realize your vision on budget and schedule. Bring your dreams for sophisticated, inviting spaces to life through Charleston Countertops.


  • What is the best material for countertops in Charleston, SC?
    In the humid coastal climate of the Lowcountry, quartz and granite excel as countertop materials. Both stones withstand moisture well. Quartz rates harder on the Mohs scale, making it essentially indestructible. But granite also holds up beautifully over decades. Both clean easily without vulnerable grout lines that can grow mildew. For Charleston homes, natural stones like quartz and granite deliver lasting beauty with minimal maintenance required.
  • What can be the investment value of granite countertops?
    On average, owners recoup about two-thirds of their initial granite installation costs when selling their property. Granite instantly elevates kitchens and bathrooms to feel more high-end. Since granite also lasts indefinitely with proper care, it retains its sophistication despite years of use. Between increasing asking prices and expediting sales, granite countertops provide significant ROI for Charleston homeowners.
  • Where to find custom quartz countertops in Charleston?
    As Charleston’s premier countertop provider, Marble Tops provides the area’s best quartz sourcing and fabrication. We partner with top brands like Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, and Viatera that lead quartz engineering and style. Then, we craft those slabs into your custom layouts and edge profiles. With an on-site designer, in-house fabrication, and nimble installation team, we make quartz countertops easy at every step. Visit our showroom to view quartz options first-hand before we bring your vision to life.

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