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5 New Quartz Countertops Transforming Charleston

5 New Quartz Countertops in Charleston sc


Long admired for its historic architecture and charming culture, Charleston has also become an epicenter for interior design trends. As homeowners embrace both traditional Southern aesthetics and contemporary elements, kitchens, in particular, are being renovated with upscale finishes. Are you looking for new quartz countertops Charleston offers? 

One popular material capturing attention is engineered quartz for countertops. Often mimicking luxury materials like marble and granite at more affordable price points, quartz offers the best of both worlds – visually striking beauty and unmatched resilience. Home chefs appreciate quartz, which requires very little maintenance compared to natural stone, without the need for regular sealing or conditioning.

This article will highlight five new quartz collections making their mark on quartz countertops, Charleston kitchen renovations, and interior design.

1. Cambria Quartz

cambria quartz countertops charleston

As a leading premium brand, Cambria is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and enduring style. Made in the USA, their quartz surfaces are engineered to resemble beautiful natural stones while delivering low maintenance convenience.

  • One new design that exemplifies Cambria’s delicate aesthetic is the Brittanicca collection. With an ethereal look, Brittanicca features soft veining in creamy whites, pale grays, and silver blue hues. These airy colors pair beautifully in quartz countertops Charleston homes with traditional elements like painted shiplap walls and antique lighting fixtures.
  • To create contemporary flair, the new Cambria quartz countertop collections are being installed with popular waterfall and sloped island counters. This seamless flow into the kitchen backsplash creates a feeling of movement and sleek modernity. Cambria’s array of muted grays and whites complement the transitional look perfectly—statements through backsplashes too.
  • Other homeowners are using Cambria’s crisp white and pale gray quartz to make bold statements through backsplashes, too. Statement designs like bold geometric tiles pair nicely with Brittanicca counters to anchor the space. This blend of airiness and sharp contrast reflects Charleston’s eclectic blend of traditional Southern charm and contemporary details.

Benefits of Cambria quartz:

In addition to the alluring aesthetic options Cambria offers, like the new Brittanicca collection, homeowners choose Cambria quartz for its outstanding performance virtues:

  • Durability – Made in the USA from pure natural quartz crystals, Cambria resists scratches, stains, chips, and heat exceptionally well. It retains its polished sheen for years with minimal upkeep required.
  • Hygienic – With non-porous waterproof surfaces, Cambria quartz prevents bacterial growth and adheres to food service sanitation codes for worry-free food prep. Easy cleaning also aids in a healthy kitchen.
  • Sustainability – As an ISO-certified company, Cambria prides itself on environmental responsibility by sourcing ethical minerals and utilizing renewable energy resources in production. Their new Reflections Collection contains up to 98% recycled content.
  • Design Flexibility – From muted, airy palettes to bold statement options, Cambria offers over 100 quartz designs and custom fabrication services. Waterfall edges, specialized tiles, and statement backsplashes provide ample aesthetic choice.

With Cambria quartz, Charleston homeowners can rejuvenate their kitchens with durable, responsible beauty suitable for gracious yet bustling Southern lifestyles.

2. Caesarstone Quartz

The pioneering quartz manufacturer Caesarstone has earned a sterling reputation for quality over the last 30 years. As they unveil their new Metropolitan collection, Charleston homeowners take note of its urban-inspired aesthetic possibilities.

  • With industrial and raw influences, the Metropolitan color portfolio includes grittier hues like Fresh Concrete, Cement, and Excava to match the exposed brick and piping seen across many renovated downtown spaces. These muted grays and earth tones provide a moodier vibe than Charleston’s traditionally bright interiors. Yet the concrete visual intrigue pairs perfectly with other beloved elements like white cabinetry and brass hardware.
  • Beyond color, Caesarstone’s new quartz lines possess texturally interesting concrete effects, too. Soft unevenness and subtle aggregate patterns add depth and dimension. Matte finishes ensure the surface resists fingerprints, so the industrial look stays pristine.
  • As quartz countertops Charleston continues to embrace its historic structures through re-purposing, Caesarstone’s Metropolitan collection offers the perfect intersection of weathered allure and modern functionality. Durable quartz provides the ideal surface for gatherings with family and friends against an alluring backdrop.

Benefits of Caesarstone quartz:

One of the reasons quartz countertops Charleston homeowners have trusted Caesarstone for years comes down to the many inherent benefits quartz provides over natural stone and solid surfaces:

  • Durability – Caesarstone quartz is nearly indestructible for busy kitchens. The non-porous material resists staining, etching, and scratching exceptionally well. Their quartz surfaces are heat, scratch, and chip-resistant.
  • Low Maintenance – Unlike marble or granite, which require regular sealing, Caesarstone needs almost no conditioning. Simple soap and water keep the quartz in a pristine shape. The new Metropolitan textured matte finish hides fingerprints, too!
  • Hygienic – With mold, mildew, and bacteria resistance, Caesarstone provides the ideal worry-free surface for food prep and dining. Peace of mind comes from meeting food safety standards.
  • Non-Toxic – As an inert and non-toxic material, Caesarstone quartz produces no VOCs and ensures health safety. Many designs qualify for LEED building certification.

With these stellar practical advantages combined with stunning urban styling, Caesarstone Metropolitan offers everything Charleston homeowners desire for their kitchen updates. Beauty, brawn, and endless design possibilities prove why quartz reigns supreme.

3. HanStone Quartz

The Canadian quartz manufacturer HanStone brings fresh competition to the quartz countertops in the Charleston market with their nature-inspired offerings and leading technology. One noteworthy recent introduction comes from their Fiore collection, presenting a spectacular interpretation of creamy Calacatta marble.

  • HanStone’s engineers have artfully captured the complexity of natural Italian marble to create the Fiore ColorSuite. Delicate gray veining threads through soft white backgrounds call to mind the coveted aesthetic charms of marble with none of its delicate temperament. The smoother Standard finish enhances the marble illusion, while the gently textured Satin finish provides visual depth and dimension.
  • Beyond the stunning marble mimicry, HanStone Fiore quartz possesses incredible resilience, making it well-suited for busy quartz countertops in Charleston kitchens. As a non-porous material, it actively resists scratches, stains, chips, and heat damage due to innovative nanotechnology. HanStone adds antimicrobial protection to prohibit bacteria growth. Thus, Fiore offers the best attributes of marble and quartz in one.

For homeowners seeking to make a statement, the pebbled HanStone collections provide even greater intricacy and luxury aesthetics. The delicate specks scatter across the quartz surface, mimicking precious metals and mineral deposits. Sophistication and glamour find their home in quartz countertops Charleston with the mineral-inspired collections from HanStone’s artisan designers.

Benefits of HanStone quartz:

HanStone quartz offers homeowners a range of performance benefits in addition to luxurious aesthetic options:

  • HanStone achieves exceptional durability via the use of innovative nanotechnology and better resins, which results in the production of quartz that is resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. Over many decades, these surfaces retain their lustrous luster.
  • In order to prevent the formation of harmful germs such as E. coli and salmonella, every HanStone quartz is treated with an antibacterial compound that has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This guarantees that the kitchen is a clean and risk-free place to work.
  • HanStone is non-porous, meaning that it does not need sealing and is resistant to the development of mold and mildew via its thick, non-porous surfaces. Additionally, it prevents liquids from penetrating the surface, which may lead to stains. The ease of washing maintains flawless attractiveness.
  • HanStone provides a variety of customized alternatives, including specialized tiles, color-matched caulking, and 3CM giant slabs, among other personalization possibilities. Build the kitchen of your dreams with pieces that are one-of-a-kind and magnificent.

HanStone gives quartz countertops Charleston homeowners the best world – unparalleled beauty that doesn’t sacrifice real-world performance. It brings science and artistry together for kitchen spaces made to entertain generations of families.

4. Silestone Quartz

The pioneering Spanish quartz brand Silestone remains on the leading edge with its new Integrity collection debut. Ideal for coastal Quartz Countertops in Charleston homes, Integrity quartz delivers exceptional stain, scratch, and acid resistance, allowing it to withstand the humidity, sand, and salt air breezing off the Atlantic.

  • The introductory Integrity color, Blanco Maple, offers a light and bright white background with subtle grey veining. Resembling natural Italian or Greek marble, Blanco Maple provides the upscale look quartz countertops Charleston homeowners adore with zero upkeep needs.
  • As a non-porous material, Silestone quartz prohibits liquid and bacteria from being absorbed into the surface. This makes cleaning and maintenance effortless, without the need for periodic resealing required of natural marble. For homes near the Battery with children or frequent entertainers, such convenience provides peace of mind.
  • Yet the ease of care does not mean Silestone compromises on beauty. Their Blanco Maple honors Charleston’s traditional affinity for white kitchen cabinetry and counters but with modern luminosity. Crisp whites refurbish the space, while contrasting metals and darker walls can establish striking flair.

Benefits of Silestone quartz:

In addition to Silestone’s new Integrity collection bringing resilient, marble-inspired beauty to quartz countertops Charleston kitchens, the quartz offers several performance advantages:

  • Stain Resistance – Silestone quartz contains bacteriostatic protection to resist stains from liquids like wine, oil, and vinegar that can damage surfaces. Clean-up is effortless.
  • Acid Resistance – As a common concern near Charleston’s coast, Silestone counters won’t etch from acid contact, making them ideal around citrus fruits and acidic cleaning agents. No signs of wear develop.
  • Scratch Protection – Silestone quartz offers outstanding scratch protection compared to solid surfaces or laminate that show wear and tear over time. Durable beauty prevails.
  • Hygienic – With Food Safe certification and adherence to NSF 51 food zone safety standards, Silestone provides home chefs confidence with safe, bacteria-free meal preparation.

Silestone delivers long-term function and pristine style – the perfect worry-free kitchen solution busy coastal Charleston families can depend on.

5. Viatera Quartz

The domestic quartz maker Viatera strives to push design boundaries and carries that ethos into their new offerings for luxury quartz countertops in Charleston homes. Making a dramatic statement, Viatera’s Palatial Jasper quartz incorporates subtly sparkling metals to emulate exotic semi-precious stones.

  • Interplaying with the bright white background, shimmering veins of lustrous gold wind delicately through the surface, catching the light elegantly. The overall effect resembles rare marble or other precious natural stones that glitter enticingly. Yet unlike high-maintenance natural stones, the resilient Viatera quartz retains its luster for years with simple care.
  • Such movement and radiance prove ideal for opening up smaller dark quartz countertops in Charleston kitchens in need of illumination. The high-contrast white and gold palette adds old-world glamour and refinement, perfect for the historic district’s antique charm.
  • For larger transitional kitchens, Viatera’s Danford Grey resembles polished concrete with its subtle mottling and cool gray tone. The upscale industrial look manages to feel still warm and inviting thanks to the smooth texture. Both options provide distinctive and dynamic new quartz choices, setting quartz countertops in Charleston homes apart with drama and prestige.

Benefits of Viatera quartz:

In addition to unparalleled beauty and customization, Viatera quartz delivers exceptional performance advantages:

  • In terms of durability, Viatera quartz has exceptional resistance to scratches, impacts, chips, and cracks, all of which are known to cause damage to less durable surfaces over time. Beautiful integrity has endured for decades.
  • Because of its heat resistance, Viatera may be used without concern next to ovens or with equipment that has the potential to scald normal materials. It is safe for use with hot pans and can endure temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Viatera quartz is resistant to stains caused by wine, coffee, juice, and oils, which may destroy the appearance of other countertops. Viatera quartz has non-porous surfaces that are suitable for food preparation.
  • Customization – Viatera provides a wide range of customizable alternatives, ranging from complex tile inlays and statement backsplashes to exotic designs, in order to bring about the realization of one-of-a-kind concepts via the use of top-quality production.

Viatera empowers luxury Charleston homes to achieve distinctive, artisan-quality kitchens that offer long-lasting fortitude and bespoke artistry.


As Charleston homeowners embrace both traditional and contemporary design elements, they seek kitchen surfaces reflecting that stylistic diversity, too. Engineered quartz proves the perfect intersection – awarding the substance and minimal upkeep of manmade materials with the aesthetic charm of natural stone.

Now, with stunning new collections debuting in warmer palettes, abstract patterns, and striking visual textures, quartz caters to Charleston’s eclectic blend of classic and trendy even more. The durable material makes itself right at home in historic downtown dwellings and contemporary coastal buildings alike.

As quartz manufacturers continue advancing designs and fabrication methods, Charlestonians have even more choice to create kitchens that flawlessly balance charm and function. The right quartz upgrade can rejuvenate homes to entertain for generations more in a beautiful, easy-living style.

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