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FAQs Our Clients Ask about Countertops

faqs countertops

Most of our customers when they come to our showroom, they have a lot of questions about different coutnertops. So, we decided to put together questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions about countertops. If you have any other questions, please feel free to fill out the form or call our office, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions about countertops.

Are quartz countertops durable?

Yes, quartz rates very high on hardness scales, making these engineered stone countertops extremely durable for decades of beauty and enjoyable use. The non-porous material resists scratches, stains, and damage from the daily wear and tear of busy kitchens. Quartz requires little routine maintenance, too, besides simple soap and water cleaning, which is one of the many advantages of quartz countertops.

Do quartz countertops need maintenance?

Quartz countertops made of engineered stone are virtually maintenance-free for busy Charleston homeowners. The non-porous material never needs sealing or reconditioning treatments required by natural stone. Simple cleaning using mild soap and water maintains their pristine factory finish. Avoid abrasive pads/cleaners that could dull the smooth surface.

Do quartz countertops stain?

One of the best traits of quartz countertops is how well they resist stains from spills, thanks to their durable, non-porous composition. Engineered stone rarely absorbs liquids or allows discoloration, even after years of use. However, acidic substances can technically “etch” the surface, leaving light marks if not wiped up quickly. Overall, quartz withstands most staining impressively.

Does quartz fade in sunlight?

Quality quartz countertops resist color/pattern fading or losing vibrancy even in sun-drenched Charleston rooms. Reputable engineered stone brands design materials to prevent UV damage. However, some lower-grade options could slowly fade over decades. We recommend discussing quartz fading concerns with designers when selecting materials to understand product performance expectations from brands we carry.

How to clean and repair quartz countertops?

Caring for quartz countertops is blissfully simple. Just use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap and warm water to wipe surfaces clean after meal prep, dining, and general daily use to maintain their flawless factory finish. Avoid abrasive pads or harsh chemicals that could dull the durable material’s polished sheen over time with regular use. Quartz requires no sealing or reconditioning treatments like natural stone. If you need to repair your countertops, it is best to contact a professional company.

Is quartz a decent countertop material?

With strength exceeding granite, built-in stain protection, and styles mimicking natural marble/stone, quartz makes an extremely decent countertop material that outperforms many options. Engineered stone earns high marks for durability and low maintenance compared to most surfaces. Easy soap and water cleaning is all that’s needed to maintain pristine quartz countertops. Visit our Charleston showroom to view popular brand quartz collections in person!

Is quartz cheaper than granite? 

On average, installed quartz countertops cost about the same as mid-range granite options, with some available at the Granite Depot of Charleston. However, quartz requires less frequent sealing/conditioning, which has saved money over the decades. And quality quartz brands like Cambria have warranties, while granite characteristics vary from slab to slab. Both durable options provide great value. We help clients compare prices/features. There are 

Is quartz heat resistant?

Quartz countertops hold up well against moderate heat exposure from pots/pans, candles, warm trays from ovens, etc. However, prolonged direct high heat can damage the engineered stone. We recommend using trivets and taking care to prevent exposing quartz surfaces to extreme temperatures to prevent cracking/discoloration issues.

Is quartz porous?

No, quartz used for today’s high-quality countertops is non-porous, giving it a major advantage over natural stone materials. Liquids don’t penetrate modern engineered quartz, meaning they resist staining and harbor bacteria impressively. Spills can be wiped away easily without leaving permanent marks or requiring special cleaning agents. However, some lower-grade quartz options could potentially absorb liquids minimally.

Is quartz waterproof?

In a sense, yes-quality quartz countertops essentially provide waterproof barrier surfaces that strongly repel liquids. However, all stone materials have microscopic pores that could allow moisture seepage when subjected to prolonged submersion, which should be avoided. Never leave standing water pools or damp cleaning tools directly on quartz or granite surfaces long-term.

Is your outdoor kitchen and bar top in need of some remodeling?

Give your Charleston outdoor living space a beautiful facelift with new weather-resistant countertops designed to withstand our humid climate! At Eugene’s Marble & Granite, we supply and install premium quartzgranitemarble, and soapstone, ideally suited for durable alfresco kitchen countertops/bars in SC. Their non-porous or properly sealed composition prevents pooling moisture damage over time. With over 30 years of local stone fabrication experience located in North Charleston, our team creates flawlessly fitted countertops to upgrade your outdoor entertainment area affordably!

Looking for high-quality countertops in Charleston, South Carolina?

If you seek stunning countertops Charleston, SC residents rave about to upgrade your kitchen, bath, or outdoor space beautifully, Eugene’s Marble & Granite, specializing in granite countertops in Charleston, SC, is your source. With direct global supply channels for unique exotic natural stones alongside the latest premium quartz/engineered materials, our massive North Charleston showroom offers endless options. Meet our design experts to select your perfect slabs, and then watch our fabrication craftsmen adorn your property with quality custom-cut countertops for decades of enjoyment!

What are quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops refer to engineered stone surfaces gaining popularity in today’s homes and businesses. They contain high percentages of finely crushed natural quartz for brilliant sparkle and durability mixed with tinted polymer resins that bind everything together into slabs. The manufacturing process allows the creation of modern non-porous countertops with over 120 unique colors/patterns, including designs mimicking granite, marble, and concrete visual style! Visit our showroom to see the range.

Why Choose Eugene’s Marble & Granite?

Homeowners and designers consistently choose Eugene’s as their trusted Charleston countertop company thanks to our standout reputation, which has been earned over 30+ years of fabricating and installing only the highest quality natural stone and quartz options at fair prices. With nearly 20,000 sq. feet displaying exclusive inventory direct from renowned suppliers worldwide, customers are guaranteed gorgeous selections for their dream projects. Our precise in-house cutting, edging, fitting, and installation process delivers flawless countertops every time!


In closing, hopefully, this guide provides helpful knowledge regarding elegant countertop options for your Charleston home or business! To view our stunning granite, marble, quartz, and more in person or further discuss custom fabrication tailored to your space, contact Eugene’s Marble & Granite today to schedule your design consultation!

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