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High-Quality Quartz & Granite Countertops: Kitchen Countertops in Charleston, SC

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When renovating your Charleston kitchen or bath, choosing the perfect countertop material is crucial for creating your dream space; consider options from Eugene’s Marble & Granite Countertops of Charleston. With proper selection and professional installation, your new quartz, granite, or marble countertops will withstand years of use while enhancing your room with timeless beauty. Read on for an overview of superb countertop options for Charleston, SC, area homes.

Buying Kitchen Quartz Countertops in Charleston, SC

Quartz has become an increasingly popular choice for long-lasting, low-maintenance kitchen countertops that add stylish design. Made from ground natural stone blended with polymer resins, quartz offers the elegance of stone without some downsides.

As Charleston’s leading supplier of Cambria Quartz, Caesarstone, Silestone, and other premium quartz brands, Eugene’s Marble & Granite Countertops displays a tremendous selection in our showroom. With over 30 years of experience, we’ll help you select the perfect colors and patterns for your style.

Benefits of quartz kitchen countertops include:

  • Stylish natural stone appearance without flaws
  • Extreme durability and stain/scratch resistance
  • Easy cleaning with just soap and water
  • Resists heat damage
  • Antimicrobial protection inhibits bacteria growth
  • Non-porous, so liquids don’t penetrate
  • Customizable sizing for perfect fit

With a wide array of colors like whites, grays, blues, and more, you can find your perfect quartz countertops in Charleston at Eugene’s Marble & Granite Countertops! Visit us today to view quartz slabs.

Crafting Timeless Elegance, One Stunning Stone Countertop at a Time

At Eugene’s Marble & Granite Countertops, conveniently located at 4541 Savannah Hwy Suite 1-2 Ravenel, SC 29470, we passionately create timeless stone countertops that transform kitchens and baths across the Charleston area. We combine artistry, integrity, and superb craftsmanship honed over 30 years of fabricating and installing stone surfaces.

From material selection through professional installation, Eugene guides you through each step:

  • Consultation – Discuss your vision, usage, and preferences to recommend ideal stone types and colors. View slabs.
  • Fabrication of quartzite countertops in Charleston. – Master artisans hand-cut and finish your countertop.
  • Template & Measure – Precision laser measurements for custom fit. We’ll help you find the best granite for your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Installation – Expert integration with impeccable seam placement.
  • Finishing Touches – Seal, polish, and detail your stunning new countertop! We’ll help you find the perfect stone for this process.

Eugene’s meticulous process results in stone countertops built to last decades with proper care. At every phase, our family-owned company upholds rigorous quality standards unmatched by big-box fabricators. Discover our commitment to excellence for yourself!

Kitchen Granite Countertops in Charleston, SC

For natural beauty and timeless elegance, granite reigns supreme for kitchen countertops. Granite is available in a striking array of colors and patterns and brings unmatched visual impact. Our expansive in-house inventory includes exclusive granite from quarries to offer the lowest prices.

Beyond its awe-inspiring looks, granite boasts exceptional durability and practicality, which is ideal for busy kitchens. Its hardness withstands heavy use and hot items and resists staining. Granite also stays cool to the touch naturally.

As a specialist in fabricating and installing granite countertops in Charleston kitchens and baths for over 30 years, Eugene brings artistry and precision to handling this exceptional stone. Let us transform your space with stunning granite countertops flawlessly fitted to your cabinets!

Marble Stone Kitchen Countertops

For an ultra-luxurious aesthetic, marble stone imparts elegance unmatched by other materials. The exquisite veining patterns have mesmerized designers for centuries with timeless beauty. While no two marble slabs are identical, Eugene’s massive inventory ensures finding your perfect surface is possible!

Beyond captivating looks, marble offers additional advantages, making it a coveted choice for lavish new countertops in Charleston luxury homes:

  • Softer appearance than granite
  • Remains cool naturally, ideal for baking tasks
  • Matches the widest range of cabinetry colors
  • Available in unique colors like green, purple
  • Lends Old World charm to traditional spaces

Keep in mind that marble requires more conscientious care than granite. As specialists working extensively with marble, Eugene’s provides best practices to sustain its beauty. Contact us to view marble slabs!

Quartzite Kitchen Countertops Charleston, SC

Quartzite countertops represent an intriguing middle ground between marble and quartz, blending natural stone beauty with slightly more resilience. Mined from mountainous regions worldwide, quartzite dazzles with swirls of quartz minerals, making each slab unique.

In recent years, quartzite has exploded in popularity for kitchen countertops in Charleston amidst a trend toward lighter tones. With an appearance reminiscent of timeworn marble, quartzite introduces a muted, elegant style. Our expansive quartzite inventory includes many affordable options.

Benefits of quartzite kitchen countertops include:

  • Lower porosity than marble
  • Distinctive natural stone patterns
  • Resists staining better than marble
  • Durable enough for most kitchens
  • Polishes to a sophisticated sheen
  • Affordable compared to pure quartz, new countertops made of this material provide excellent value.

Quartzite imparts high-end style for a fraction of the cost of pure marble or quartz. Contact Eugene’s Marble & Granite Countertops in Charleston to view quartzite slabs that will elevate your home! We’ll help you find the perfect stone for your kitchen and bathroom.

Difference Between Cambria Quartz and Quartzite Countertops

With similar names and stone-like aesthetics, many homeowners confuse quartz and quartzite countertop materials. But these surfaces have distinct differences influencing suitability:

  • Composition – Quartz is crushed stone blended with resins, while quartzite is 100% natural stone.
  • Appearance – Quartz has uniform specks. Quartzite has unique veining like marble.
  • Pricing – Pure quartz costs more than natural quartzite.
  • Resilience – Quartz is less prone to damage from impact, heat, and scratching.
  • Maintenance – Quartzite needs more frequent sealing to resist staining.
  • Styles – Quartz offers hundreds of consistent patterns. Quartzite has distinctive variations.

Choosing between quartz vs. quartzite comes down to priorities like budget, durability needs, and preferred visual style. Weighing pros and cons with Eugene’s expert guidance helps you select the best material for your home and lifestyle. Let us help you decide!

What is the most popular countertop in 2024?

As we move through 2024, quartz and granite countertops remain the dominant kitchen surface materials for new installations and remodeling projects. However, specific trends emerge within each category, especially when considering stone countertops in Charleston.

  • Whites – Crisp arctic quartz in whites and light grays suits contemporary kitchens and is available at Eugene’s Marble & Granite Countertopsof Charleston.
  • Blues – Ocean-inspired blue quartz and granite captivate with soothing hues.
  • Marble Looks – Quartz and porcelain slabs mimic natural marble’s beauty.
  • Metal Accents – Mixed metal hardware trims add modern personality.
  • Unconventional Designs – Curved shapes, textured finishes, creative edges.

While white and gray quartz countertops maintain popularity, design lovers increasingly seek surfaces with unexpected colors, materials, and shapes that bring fun character. Visit our Charleston showroom to explore trending countertop styles!

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