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How to Order Countertops in Charleston

how to order countertops in charleston


If you’re remodeling your Charleston home and looking to upgrade your countertops, this guide will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Countertops in Charleston can greatly impact the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. With the right countertop, you can modernize the space, add value to your home, and get a stylish and functional surface. Follow these steps to order the perfect countertops for your Charleston home.

Choose Your Countertop Material


  • Granite is a natural stone that’s sourced from quarries around the world. It’s prized for its elegance, timeless beauty, unique patterns, and mineral streaks. Granite is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, though you must seal it annually. It retains heat well and is ideal for avid cooks. Cost is mid-range at $60-$150 per square foot installed.
  • Popular granite colors in Charleston include warmer beiges, creams, tans, and darker browns. Distinct granites like black Galaxy, Uba Tuba, and Mount Airy white are also prevalent. Work with your fabricator to view slabs to find the perfect granite for your Charleston home.


  • Marble is another high-end natural stone option. It has distinctive veining patterns and comes in neutral whites, grays, and bolder dark green, black, and brown shades. Marble has an elegant, Old World look that is perfect for traditional homes.
  • It does come with more maintenance – it stains and etches easier than granite and needs resealing every 3-6 months. Cost is $80-$250 per square foot.


  • If low maintenance is your priority, quartz counters are virtually indestructible. Quartz is engineered from natural stone and resin for a strong yet stylish surface. Popular quartz colors include sparkling whites, warm grays, and practical dark tones.
  • Quartz is non-porous, so it won’t require sealing and withstands stains, scratches, and heat. Patterns range from stone and marble to concrete, metallic, and solid colors. Expect to pay $50-$120 per square foot.

Solid Surface (Corian)

  • The durable solid surface Corian is another seamless, low-maintenance option. Made from natural minerals and acrylic resin, Corian can be custom-cut and formed into one-piece countertops and sinks in Charleston.
  • Corian has a smooth, modern appearance and feels warmer than stone. It’s impact and heat-resistant but can scratch, stain, or scorch with extremely hot pans. Pricing ranges from $70-$150 per square foot installed.


  • For a built-in cutting board or retro backdrop, tile countertops in Charleston are a budget-friendly option at $10-$50 per square foot. Use ceramic or porcelain tile and consider texture and patterns.
  • Glass, stone, or mosaic tiles are also great choices. Tiles allow creativity, but the grout requires sealing to prevent stains and mildew.


  • At the lowest price point, laminate counters provide an affordable kitchen update. Today’s laminates mimic luxury looks like quartz and granite.
  • Easy DIY installation makes laminate counters cost-effective at $10-$30 per square foot. Just note that laminate can peel, scratch, stain, and scorch over time
  • Research all options to find the right counter for your Charleston home! Consult with fabricators to view slabs or design samples up close. This will ensure you select the material and colors that best suit your space.

Select Your Fabricator or Supplier

Research Local Companies

  • Start by searching online for countertop suppliers and fabricators in Charleston. Look for companies focusing on your chosen material – granite, marble, quartz, or specialty concrete. Read through customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and third-party review sites like Yelp or HomeAdvisor. Look for consistent 5-star ratings and positive feedback on quality, value, and service.
  • You can also ask neighbors, friends, or your realtor for referrals to countertop companies they’ve used and would recommend. Word-of-mouth recommendations can help identify the most reputable businesses.

Compare Portfolios

  • As you vet companies, look closely at their past project photo galleries and portfolio samples. This will give you an idea of their common design styles, capabilities, and craftsmanship. Look for countertops in Charleston with clean, seamless edging, precision cutting around sinks and appliances, and quality corner joints. Expert fabrication should result in smooth countertops in Charleston that function flawlessly and look seamless.
  • Ask about experience specifically with your material – some specialize in natural stone, while others focus on quartz fabrication. Look for 5+ years of experience working with your chosen material.

Meet for Consultations

  • Narrow your list to 2 or 3 top contenders and schedule in-home consultations. Most will offer consultations for free. During the meeting, please pay attention to how well they listen to your needs and explain different options. Make sure they take careful measurements and examine your existing space.
  • Ask to see samples of the exact materials you’re considering. Get a feel for their level of service and what sets them apart. A consultation will help you choose a fabricator who understands your vision and provides the expertise your project requires.

Researching fabricators and meeting in person allows you to select a highly qualified company to handle your Charleston countertop installation with care, precision, and skill. Take your time choosing who to trust for this important home improvement project.

Schedule Consultations

granite countertops, quartz at eugene's

Set Up Appointments

After studying fabricators and suppliers, schedule in-person consultations with your preferred 2 -3. Most companies will offer free in-home consultations. These meetings are an important step before placing orders, so take some time and learn about each company’s availability to schedule appointments.

Try to do all consultations within a 1-2 week timeframe. This creates sufficient time for the process without slowing down the project.

Provide Background

Before the consultation, gather inspirational photos, measurements, and details on your goals for the space. Print out pictures of countertops in Charleston. You would love to give the consultant an idea of your preferred colors, patterns, edges, and backsplashes.

Measure existing countertops in Charleston and cabinets to have accurate dimensions handy. Note any challenges in the space, like corners or built-in appliances. Preparing this info ahead of time allows for a more productive meeting.

What to Ask

Come prepared with questions to find the right fit for your project. Key topics to discuss include:

  •  Materials and design options for your style and budget
  • Pricing for materials, fabrication, installation, and other costs
  • Full-service offerings – do they do demolition, plumbing, electrical, etc?
  • Warranties on materials and labor
  • Timeline for template, production, and installation
  • Permits needed and who obtains them

Request a Written Quote

Itemized Estimate

A reputable company like Eugene’s Marble & Granite will provide a comprehensive written estimate at the end of an in-home consultation. Their quote should list the following:

  • An itemized materials cost for your specific slab of granite, marble, or other stone
  • Measurements of your existing counters for an accurate materials quantity
  • Fabrication costs for cutting, edging, and finishing your custom counters
  • Any sink cutouts, special features, or backsplashes with individual pricing
  • Detailed installation cost, including removal of old counters
  • Any plumbing or electrical work required with hourly pricing
  • Tax, delivery fees, or other incidentals
  • Total project cost for materials, labor, and all services

Ask questions about anything unclear in Eugene’s quote before signing and ordering. A detailed estimate ensures no hidden costs pop up down the road.


Eugene’s Marble & Granite should provide an estimated timeline, including template date, production schedule, and target installation date after cabinet readiness. This helps you plan the workflow with other contractors like flooring installers.

Compare Quotes

  • With Eugene’s Marble & Granite’s estimate in hand, make a careful comparison against bids from other Charleston countertop companies. Look for red flags like prices that need to be higher or more varied about what’s included. Eugene’s Marble & Granite’s competitive yet realistic quote will represent the true value of your custom project.
  • Eugene’s Marble & Granite has a reputation for fair, comprehensive quotes that set clear expectations before you proceed. Carefully reviewing estimates allows you to make the optimal decision for your home and budget.

Choose Your Design with Eugene’s Marble & Granite

Select Your Slab

For natural stone counters like granite or marble, Eugene’s Marble & Granite will help you hand-select a slab for its unique colors, mineral patterns, and visual appeal. Their wide inventory means you can find the perfect granite or marble to match your style. Set a time to visit their showroom and warehouse to view options in person. Capture photos of slabs you love to review at home before finalizing.

Edge Profiles

Consider countertop edge detail – choices like straight polished, beveled, ogee, and Dupont add unique shapes and touches. Eugene’s Marble & Granite’s artisans can cut any profile to finish your counters seamlessly. Certain edges better suit granite, while others enhance marble’s veining. Discuss which options complement your slab.


Backsplashes protect the wall behind sinks and ranges and provide eye-catching focal points. Eugene’s Marble & Granite offers full backsplash design, including ceramic or glass tile, stacked stone, or natural slab offcuts. Be sure to coordinate the backsplash color and pattern to your countertops.

Other Customizations

Eugene’s Marble & Granite can help customize the color, pattern, and accents like integrated sinks for engineered quartz or solid surface counters. Explore the possibilities to create distinctly your counters, whether you prefer a bold, colorful look or a subtle stone appearance.

Quartz Color and Pattern

  • For quartz counters, Eugene’s can help you select from the many color and pattern options available. Leading quartz brands like Cambria and Caesarstone offer a wide selection of styles.
  • Popular colors include crisp whites, warm creams, grays, and elegant blacks. Combine tonal shades for a soothing palette, or make a statement with bold variances. Patterns range from subtle flecks to dramatic veins and bold aggregates in matte to glossy finishes.
  • Eugene’s large quartz inventory ensures you can find your space’s perfect color and aesthetic. Discuss your preferences to choose the ideal style.

Integrated Sinks

  • Quartz and solid surfaces like Corian allow for custom one-piece counters and sinks. This creates a streamlined, contemporary look without seams. Eugene fabricates seamless under-mount, drop-in, and vessel sinks expertly carved from your chosen material.
  • An integrated sink simplifies cleaning and adds a minimalist style. Eugene’s artisans will ensure the sink dimensions and placement fit your space perfectly.

Specialty Features

  • Beyond sinks, engineered materials can be fabricated into unique designs. Eugene’s can add special features like drain boards, trivets, built-in cutting boards, and custom edges.
  • You’d like an angled edge for ergonomic prep space or a polished stripe divider between the kitchen and dining counters. Share your vision – Eugene will bring your bespoke ideas to life masterfully.
  • Work with Eugene’s Marble & Granite to customize your engineered or solid surface counters with personalized colors, patterns, sinks, and specialty elements that suit your unique style.
  • Eugene’s Marble & Granite designers have the expertise to recommend complementary edges, backsplashes, and customizations to achieve your ideal finished look. Please use their knowledge to bring your perfect countertop design to life.

Finalize the Order

Sign the Proposal

Once you’ve selected a fabricator like Eugene’s Marble & Granite and agreed on the quote, sign the final comprehensive proposal sheet. This outlines your approved countertop design, cost, timeline, and specifications. Signing the proposal formalizes the order and secures your installation date.

Submit Deposit

You’ll provide an upfront deposit, typically 50% of the total quote. This reserves your selected slab and materials and shows your commitment to proceed. Eugene will order materials or schedule fabrication once the deposit is received. The balance is due upon completion of the project, before installation.

Template Process

With your order finalized, Eugene’s will visit your home to take detailed physical measurements and make a template. Precise templates ensure your counters are cut and fabricated to fit your space perfectly. Experienced technicians will protect your home and cabinetry during the templating process.

Confirm Timeline

Reconfirm the production timeline and installation date provided on your proposal before templating. Understand how long fabrication takes for your specific material and design. Installation should occur shortly after your new counters are fabricated and inspected.

Review Documentation

  • Carefully review all provided documentation, like warranty info, maintenance instructions, and a notice to proceed. Reach out immediately with any questions or concerns before giving the green light.
  • Take great care in finalizing orders, providing deposits, and approving timelines and documentation. This rigor ensures Eugene’s delivers your dream counters precisely as quoted and on schedule.

Installation & Care

Professional Installation

Eugene’s will handle the installation process once your custom counters are complete. Their experienced team will deliver the slabs and fabricated pieces and get them securely installed. Installation involves seamlessly joining sections, precise sink and cooktop cutouts, and full integration with your cabinets and walls. Leave this specialized work in the hands of Eugene’s skilled technicians.

Day-of Expectations

Make sure the installation area is clear and accessible on the scheduled day. Some noise, dust, and debris are expected during the installation and removal of old counters. Installation typically takes one full workday, depending on the scope. Eugene’s team will thoroughly clean up afterward.

Care and Maintenance

Follow all included care instructions to keep your new counters pristine. Granite and marble require yearly sealing by a professional. Quartz and solid surfaces need mild soap and water cleaning. Immediately wipe spills and avoid exposing finishes to extremes. With proper care, your counters will stay beautiful for decades.

Enjoy the Process

Eugene’s Marble & Granite simplifies the countertop installation process so you can relax and enjoy your stunning new space. Reach out with any final questions before installation day. Then get ready to entertain in style with your exquisite custom counters!


Replacing your countertops in Charleston can go a long way to changing the appearance and operation of both the kitchen and bathroom. Nonetheless, choosing new counters and their design, as well as the installation, is quite a lengthy process. It is not a decision to be made lightly or in haste. Allotting significant time to study materials meticulously, assessing suppliers, sealing quotes, and determining schedules ensures the countertop project runs smoothly from the initiation point through the very end.

When finalizing the order, pay careful attention to all quoted terms included in your purchase commitment – timelines, warranties, and specifications before sending a deposit. Attention to these details is meticulous in the process of fabrication and installation, which proceeds as planned. Next, an established countertop firm will take care of the templating, production, delivery, and installation with minimal impact.

Finally, the process of carefully doing research, designing, and ordering new counter

s can lead to an amazing final space that makes any breathtaking room more beautiful as well as functional. It is a complicated process but definitely worth putting all the required effort into getting your dream kitchen or bath.

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