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Working with the team at Eugene’s has been an absolute delight from start to finish. Having been through the process of having solid stone countertops installed in a previous home, I knew how long and drawn out the process can be. I shopped around and got quotes from many local fabricators before selecting EMG. I was first impressed with Galya and Diana’s fantastic communication and turnaround time on my initial quote with multiple stone options. They also worked with me on my tight schedule. Templating, fabrication, and installation only took 4 business days. Their attention to detail is unparalleled. Before any cuts were made they showed me what it would look like on the slab that I selected. Many of the other fabricators told me that to do my kitchen I would need 2 slabs and multiple seams. EMG flawlessly covered my entire kitchen with only one seam (at the sink) and even covered my buffet. As anyone in the building trades will tell you, houses in the Low-Country are never square or level. The installers leveled my countertops within 1/16 of level all the way around. Initially I had purchased brackets to go under the bar area on my countertops. The installer pointed out that it was not needed and refunded me the money. The bottom line, EMG saved me money, time, and their attention to detail is pure perfection and their customer service can’t be beat.

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