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New Quartz Calacatta Countertops Colors in Charleston

Are you searching for the perfect quartz countertop to elevate the style and elegance of your Charleston home? Look no further! We have exciting news for you. Introducing the stunning new Quartz Calacatta Countertops colors, designed to bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom. With their exquisite veining patterns and timeless beauty, these captivating options are sure to make a statement in any space. Join us as we explore each unique color and help you decide which one is best suited for your Charleston home. Get ready to be inspired by the beauty of Calacatta Idillio, Calacatta Miraggio Cielo, Calacatta Miraggio Duo, and Calacatta Vivaldi!

Calacatta Idillio Quartz

quartz countertops charleston sc

Calacatta Idillio is a mesmerizing quartz color that effortlessly blends classic beauty with modern sophistication. Its creamy white background provides the perfect canvas for bold, dramatic veining in shades of gray and taupe. The intricate patterns resemble delicate brushstrokes, creating an artistic and luxurious look.

One of the standout features of Calacatta Idillio is its versatility. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary home, this stunning quartz will seamlessly complement any design aesthetic. It adds a touch of elegance to a farmhouse kitchen or brings a refined charm to a sleek bathroom.

Not only does Calacatta Idillio boast exquisite visual appeal, but it also offers practical benefits. As a non-porous material, it resists stains and bacteria growth, making it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. This makes it an ideal choice for busy households where durability is essential.

Calacatta Miraggio Cielo

Calacatta Miraggio Cielo is a stunning addition to the range of quartz colors available for your Charleston home. With its delicate veining and soft, creamy background, this mesmerizing stone brings an air of elegance and sophistication to any space.

The subtle hues of white and gray in Calacatta Miraggio Cielo create a sense of tranquility, making it the perfect choice for creating a calming atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. The gentle movement and intricate patterns within the stone add depth and visual interest, making it a focal point that will surely impress your guests.

Not only does Calacatta Miraggio Cielo offer aesthetic appeal, but it also boasts exceptional durability. This quartz color is engineered with advanced technology that makes it highly resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. So you can enjoy its beauty without worrying about daily wear and tear.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen countertops or designing a luxurious bathroom vanity, Calacatta Miraggio Cielo is sure to elevate the style quotient of any space. Its timeless charm, combined with its practicality, make it an excellent investment for homeowners looking to enhance their Charleston home’s value while enjoying long-lasting beauty.

Calacatta Miraggio Duo

Calacatta Miraggio Duo is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a stunning and sophisticated quartz countertop option for your Charleston home. This particular color offers a unique combination of white and gray veining, creating a beautiful marbled effect that will instantly elevate the look of any space.

With its elegant design, Calacatta Miraggio Duo adds a touch of luxury to kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere else you choose to install it. The contrasting colors make it versatile enough to complement both light and dark cabinetry, allowing for endless design possibilities.

But Calacatta Miraggio Duo isn’t just about looks – it’s also highly durable and easy to maintain. Made from engineered quartz, this material is resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. It doesn’t require sealing like natural stone countertops do, making it hassle-free in terms of upkeep.

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom or building a new home in Charleston, Calacatta Miraggio Duo is definitely worth considering. Its timeless beauty and practicality make it an excellent investment that will last for years to come.

Calacatta Viraldi

Last but not least, we have the exquisite Calacatta Viraldi. This stunning quartz color brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any Charleston home. With its striking white background and intricate veining, Calacatta Viraldi is sure to make a statement in your space.

The unique combination of bold veining patterns and subtle hints of gold and gray gives Calacatta Viraldi a truly captivating appeal. Whether you’re looking to create a luxurious kitchen countertop or an eye-catching bathroom vanity, this quartz color will add a touch of opulence to your home.

Not only does Calacatta Viraldi offer outstanding beauty, but it also boasts exceptional durability. Quartz is known for its strength and resistance to scratches, stains, and heat – making it the perfect choice for busy households in Charleston.

Furthermore, maintaining Calacatta Viraldi is effortless. Its non-porous surface makes it highly resistant to bacteria growth while being easy to clean with just soap and water. Say goodbye to the hassle of sealing or resealing countertops!

When it comes down to choosing the best quartz Calacatta color for your Charleston home, consider all these options carefully. Each one has its own unique charm that can enhance different design styles and preferences.

Whether you prefer the classic beauty of Calacatta Viraldi or the contemporary allure of Calacatta Miraggio Duo, there’s a perfect match waiting for you within our new collection.

Visit our showroom today and let our expert team guide you through each option’s features so that you can decide which Calacatta quartz color suits your style best.

Elevate your Charleston home with timeless elegance – choose from our range of new Quartz Calacatta colors today!

Calacatta Laza Quartz

Calacatta Laza Quartz is a mesmerizing addition to the world of quartz countertops. This stunning color option features a white background with delicate veins in shades of gray and beige, reminiscent of the iconic Italian marble it emulates.

The beauty of Calacatta Laza lies in its ability to blend into any design aesthetic effortlessly. Whether your Charleston home boasts a traditional or contemporary style, this quartz color will complement it flawlessly. The soft hues and intricate veining create an exquisite visual appeal that adds sophistication to any space.

Not only does Calacatta Laza Quartz offer unparalleled elegance, but it also provides durability and low maintenance. As a non-porous material, it is resistant to stains and bacteria growth – perfect for busy households or avid entertainers who want their countertops to look pristine at all times.


In terms of versatility, Calacatta shines through. Its neutral palette allows you to experiment with various color schemes in your kitchen or bathroom without clashing. Pair it with rich wooden cabinets for a warm and inviting feel, or opt for sleek stainless steel appliances for a modern touch.

With its timeless beauty and practicality, there’s no doubt that Calacatta Quartz deserves serious consideration when choosing the perfect countertop material for your Charleston home. Let this captivating color elevate your interior design game while offering long-lasting functionality – truly an investment worth making!

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