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With all the different countertop options, you may be thinking, “Which countertops should I choose?” EMG has hand picked the best stone for you to choose from to solve this problem. Here, we will compare two expensive natural stone materials – marble and granite.

Granite Countertops

Granite is more commonly used in kitchens, and marble for bathrooms. This is not just mere chance. Lets take a look at their characteristics.

Granite is mineral rock of magmatic origin, just like quartz and mica. Its unique because of its strength, durability, chemical resistance and diversity of colors. This is why granite is more commonly preferable in kitchens than marble. Marble is more apt to retain the traces of vinegar, wine and the like. More so, due to its soft structure, marble is easily liable to scratches from knives, which can’t be said about granite.

Marble Countertops

On the flip side, the porosity of marble makes it indispensable in bathrooms, where all surfaces become slippery because of high moisture. As far back as Ancient Rome, it was noticed that articles made of marble possessed the bactericidal properties which prevented diseases.

It should be noted that marble countertops are also chosen for kitchens but they should be treated with specific protective agents from harmful chemical and mechanical impacts. It is better to not put any hot pans on the surface. Use a trivet for this purpose and clean the surface more often — especially lighter colored stone.

Marble is a luxurious and sought after stone. With proper care, you won’t regret choosing beautiful marble.

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