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Marble vs. Cultured Marble Countertops

Are you looking for marble countertops? Natural marble stone has been around for centuries in the architecture. Cultured marble, on the other hand, is a recent invention. It’s a man-made stone. Homeowners may have questions about cultured marble with it being in the marketplace. In this article, we will overview how cultured marble compares to natural stone.

Overview of Marble

  • natural stone
  • composed of mostly calcite
  • originally limestone
  • the composition changed through heat and pressure
  • has different colors and veining
  • color & pattern varies

Natural Marble Stone in the Shower

Because marble is porous, it should be sealed well to avoid water absorption and staining. Clean regularly with stone cleaners. Natural marble stone is sure to look luxurious and impressive in your bathroom!

Overview of Cultured Marble

  • Man-made product
  • Contains polyester resins & crushed marble dust
  • Sealed with gel coat
  • Glossy appearance, uniform veins & color

Cultured Marble in the shower

Cultured marble does not have to be sealed. Its glossy finish may make things slippery, so keep this in mind. Cultured marble will have a more uniform look with less color variety and a natural flow of veining compared to natural marble.


Because cultured marble is man-made, the look is more uniform and does not have the natural beauty and uniqueness of real marble stone. Cultured marble is less expensive, but doesn’t compare the gorgeous veining and pattern of real stone. Happy choosing!

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