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Even though a great variety of materials are used for countertops for kitchens, bathrooms or journal tables, marble is often considered as the most elegant classic version. A marble countertop not only has a beautiful appearance, but in many respects it is an excellent hard material which when properly cared is sure to serve you not for years but even for decades. The understanding of advantages along with disadvantages of the material is undoubtedly important for decision taking on buying and installation. Despite of its high density, marble is rather soft and vulnerable to colouring and scratching. On the other hand, being duly used and cared a marble countertop will serve for many years in good conditions and can be handed down to future generations.

In spite of the fact that kitchen countertops of artificial stone and granite at present time are enjoing their popularity, a marble countertop still has been considered as peak of luxury.

When it comes to select one or another material for a countertop, then granite and marble are at the top of the list, although the real difference between them lies in their appearance. The price of such countertops depends to a large extent on the place of stone origin and quality of its working. Such a choice of one or another countertop depends also on personal preferences and an interior. Each stone has a porous structure, therefore usually they are polished and covered with special protective means to prevent stains on the surface. This is especially important in a kitchen space where some colouring liquides such as juice or wine can most probably get onto the stone plate.

The advantages of marble countertops

  • Beauty without any doubt is the main advantage of marble. Hardly something else can be compared with it. A marble countertop, whether it is a dining table, coffee table or a working surface in the kitchen, will perfectly well complete practically any interior.
  • Marble features the high strength, especially when duly cared. With proper care it can for sure outlast any other item of furniture in your home.
  • Marble countertops really will never go out of fashion. Respectively, such popularity enables to avoid some additional expences, as there is no necessity to purchase a new countertop. At the very outside you can only change wooden fronts in your kitchen or the table base.
  • Marble countertops are available in a lot of beautiful shades. Besides, the tables with such countertops are produced in a great variety of styles, that is in traditional, antique, modern and ultra-modern; all this helps easily find an ideal version for your home.
  • Not properly cared countertops can always be restored with the help of professional masters.
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